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Senin, 24 Maret 2008

Wait to born it UU citizenship clearer

Wait to born it UU citizenship clearer

by arif pramono

Some time then, pebulutangkis unlucky origin, east java and former world champion, Hendrawan make a large part society

Some time then, athlete badminton unlucky origin, east java and former world champion, hendrawan make a large part Indonesia society agapes and touched, bot because of the accomplishment but because the citizenship status case.

The long administer citizenship status, pebulutangkis that be cup team victory determinant thomas Indonesia on Malaysian at Ghuangzou China that not also get the right, although bureaucracy stripe has been run.

difficulty news that undergone wawan (intimate calling Hendrawan) final is heard President Megawati Soekarnoputri a little angry and then command the subordinates finishes problem.

only during one day after number person command one in indonesia that go down, citizenship status hendrawan as Indonesia citizen (WNI) finished.

difficulty case gets citizenship status that undergone hendrawan be one of the many cases that undergo another member, especially chinese ethnic.

although they tens year, even the great grand father grand mother lives in Indonesia, but right gets status WNI apparently still difficult got.

luck Hendrawan that has badminton accomplishment incredible and several times make famous nation names at international stage, so that get special attention from government to administers status WNI---problem that previous also twisty.

then how with another chinese ethnic member not has surplus like hendrawan, sure must willing pass long bureaucracy stripe before gets acknowledgement as wni.

in citizenship law workshop at surabaya, monday (4/11), citizenship status problem is serious discussion topic follows plan appointeds draft of law (bill) citizenship.

henry's darmawan, one of the participants of seminar unfolds to return difficulty case gets SBKRI (citizenship bill of evidence Republic Indonesia) that undergone hendrawan consequence not neat it wisdom that appointed government.

" ripe person has liked hendrawan that with all efforts has defended Indonesia name at various badminton championship, hang in doubt the citizenship and questionable SBKRI, " he said.

long rule

difficulty problem gets sbkri that undergone chinese ethnic member in indonesia not gets agreement existence between government china (formerly rrt) with government ri in 22 aprils 1955 about double nationality.

agreement that appointed by prime minister rrt chou en lai

prime minister ri sunario chinese member citizenship exercise the kernel in indonesia permanent uses basis" ius sanguinis" (citizenship every child borns to follow father lineage).

follow agreement, government ri then published amount of law product, one among others number president regulation 10 year 1959 hit chinese ethnic citizenship problem.

impact from out it pp no. 10/1959 that, like to unfolded head leader dpp nation unitary communication forum (fkkb) dr rosita sofjan noer ma, hundreds thousands chinese ethnic member exist in indonesia goes to register self to leave ri.

" judicially they should still given to chance to determine the choice, appropriate double nationality agreement (uu number 2/1958) operative the option 1960 up to 1962. but most of they choose to leave indonesia, " he said.

related to citizenship problem, based on law ketatanegaraan every country according to differ decide or regulate citizenship based on basis that accustommed with country importance concerned.

basis" ius soli" declare every child that born to be citizen from place of birth country, country example that profess this basis united america.

then basis" ius sanguinis" mention every child that born to be citizen follows father lineage and rrt (china) formerly ever apply this basis.

other that is basis" mixture" mean citizenship follows father lineage permanently get to birth as exception. indonesia one of [the] country that profess this mixture basis.

ius soli

related citizenship bill plan, amount of circle evaluates basis ius soli fitest applied in indonesia besides another basis that is ius sanguinis and mixture.

head leader dpp fkkb rosita noer propose citizenship bill in this time being boiled dpr must firmer in determine somebody citizenship.

" fkkb propose so that status determination based on basis 'ius soli (place birth)s, " word rosita in seminar and citizenship law workshop.

follow rosita, visit history experience that in indonesia and cognizance that is us alive in the middle of world society, should there is no again partitions in world society.

from existing citizenship basiss, word rosita, presumably basis" ius soli" (where child gived correcter compared another basis in determine somebody citizenship. " this matter also related to our form of government is that consists of archipelago and located in world trade area with the citizen variety that consist of various tribe, " add it.

indonesia stills then cope to realize" nation and character building" where for that need law fair, firm and transparent.

" therefore, citizenship law later can as 'test case first to realize that thing, " specifically.

hit citizenship problem, chairman mpr ri amien rais moment be speaker in limited discussion" chinese society character and the contribution in build country ri" , at surabaya, saturday (2/11) also declare to agree with step fkkb considering basis ius soli to determine somebody citizenship status.

follow amien rais, this country should give somebody citizenship status, especially chinese ethnic based on place of birth.

" even less, in this time their character either in also also balance with society in general, " he said.

meanwhile, sociologist from christian university petra (ukp) surabaya dr lukas musianto also be informant in seminar same opinion when does basis ius soli worn to determine somebody citizenship status.

follow him, element ius soli, place and external very dominant than internal element so that connect breed with interactions imprecise something that.

" remember situation sosiologis existing, basis ius soli more

correct used to determine citizenship status. on the contrary, base only evoke dissension, history awkwardness, " he said.

commitee chairman ii (law area) dpr ri, a porch narang sh in chance same have a notion really must there change enough mendasar in uu citizenship at period to come.

Follow him, important to remember avoid use

aborigin term or original indonesian because disagree with constitution amendment result 1945 that distinguishes citizen between wni and stranger (wna).

temporary for chinese ethnic group, advanced porch narang, citizenship process not only based in birth and baturalization such as those which there now, constantly require also considering pass registration manner.

besides simplify mixed chinese ethnic crass wants to get status as wni, also applicable for indonesian child the old person long stop out country, but doesn't change citizenship status.

" but registration procedure be wni must be simplified, not twisty, cheap and transparent, doesn't like moment naturalization process formerly, " he said.

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